Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Strataglass Advantages vs Regular Vinyl

Scratch Resistant Coating:

Prevents fine line scratches from washing, drying, rolling up and down and abrasion from roll-up straps. Regular vinyl can be scratched by a simple paper towel.


We have made our name on the near-perfect visual clarity looking through Strataglass. Regular vinyls have blue or gray haziness to them which is instantly visible when comparing Strataglass to the regular vinyls being offered on the market.

Resistance to Fallout, Runoff and Overspray:

You may have noticed gray streaks in your vinyl curtains in the past, consistent with the brass grommets on your Bimini top or runoff points of your top. The coating on Strataglass blocks these elements from etching into the surface of the vinyl. This is true of most trace elements, even overspray can be carefully cleaned off using lacquer thinner (see Trouble Shooting section for more information). Regular vinyls absorb runoff elements and would be destroyed using lacquer thinner to remove overspray.


Because you will see clearer, longer, you will find you don’t need to replace the curtains as often. The question often asked is “How long will Strataglass last?” Our only answer is that the original boats installed with Strataglass still looked great after 5 years in the brutal Florida sun.

Environmentally Advantageous:

The protective coating on Strataglass is uniquely resistant to today’s harsh environment. Industrial fallout – power, steel, chemical, paper, plants, jet exhaust and acid rain – are realities anywhere on our waterfront. Our coating prevents these elements from leaching into the vinyl. The results of leaching can be spotting, hazing, “orange” corners, and gray lines in the vinyl, to name a few. Strataglass resists these elements to give you a cleaner, longer life expectancy for your vinyl.




Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Strataglass™ is the clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl and the preferred choice in applications where clarity is a necessity!

Hurricane Tough

Although we recommend all precautions be taken during inclement and storm conditions, especially in extreme cases, and we offer no guarantee of usability in such cases, this photo is just one proven example of Stratglass durability.

The Marine Industry:

From center consoles to mega yachts, Strataglass has been used by the most discriminating canvas shops in the world for the past 20 years.

Automotive Industry:

D.O.T. approved product, Strataguard, used for years by discriminating shops.Contact us for more information.


Meets and exceeds all specifications for usage, provides long term clarity and fallout resistance.


Provides perfection of clarity for the most discriminating customer, used in several major projects with rave reviews. Clarity and longevity make Strataglass an economical choice.


Unique projects from stylized windbreak for a beach front hotel restaurant patio in Cabo San Lucas to restaurants on the beautiful Ft. Lauderdale “strip”, Strataglass is being used where clarity, longevity, U.V. protection and fire safety are a must**.

Clean Room:

High Quality/ High Visibility curtains for medical / laboratory / clean room applications

Other Applications:

Strataglass LLC can, due to our unique manufacturing method, customize product to fill any need, including:

  • Tint 40 mil only light and dark smoke. Customized thickness, we standardly offer .020, .030,.040 and .060
  • Largest sheet in the industry today – 54 inches by 110 inches (plus or minus 1 inch)
  • Worldwide distribution of products – Quality, knowledge, service, consistency


Strataglass Clear Vinyl – Technical Data

Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Technical Data & Product Warranty

Strataglass, LLC. pioneered scratch resistant coated press polished vinyl in 1994. Today it is the benchmark of the marine industry plus many other applications.

Our DOT approved product STRATAGUARD in the U.S. and Canada meets or exceeds all ANSI safety glazing test criteria.

General Information

1. Name of Fabric Strataglass
2. Trademark Holder – list company name or registered trademark holder Strataglass


1. Chemical Base of Material PVC
2. Finish Type or Coating Urethane
3. Thickness 20, 30, 40, 60 mil
4. Finished Widths (untrimmed) 54″ x 110″
plus or minus 1″
5. Finished Weight/per sq. yd. Depends on thickness.


1. Colors Available – tints Clear, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke


1. Life Expectancy – range of life expectancy in years 5 years, care & exposure dependent.
2. Scratch Resistance 10,000 cycles (ASTM D3597, ASTM D4157)
3. Hardness Shore A 90 (ASTM D 2240)
4. Tensile Strength 3943.7 (ASTM D882)
5. Tear Strength 3007.4 (ASTM D882)
6. Elongation 241.6% (ASTM D882)
7. QUV 2000 hrs (ASTM) G154-00a)
8. Xenon and Weatherometer NA
9. Luminous Transmittance 88.8% (ANSI Z26.1, test 2)
10. U.V. Filtering 10% UVA, 1% UVB, 1% UVC
11. U.V. Blocking 90% UVA, 99% UVB, 99% UVC
12. Haze ASTM D1003 0.59 < 0.9%
13. “W” Flex 30.000 counts (FLTM BN2-2)
14. Taber Abrasion 10,000 cycles (ASTM D 3597, ASTM D4157)
15. Flame Resistance Self extinguishing (ANSI Z26.1, test 5.23)
Cal. 117 Sec. E / MVSS302
16. Cold Flex (state low temperatures adn cite specific test method used) No cracks at < – 10°F (FLTM 50-5)
17. Low Temperature Brittleness < – 30°F
19. Dimensional Stability (MD) 100″-7/16″, (TD) 50″-3/16″

Support Materials Available

1. Fabrication / Technical Manual No
2. Specification Sheet / MSDS Sheet Available Yes
3. Warranty and Contact Information Available Yes

Strataglass Clear Vinyl – Fabrication Tips

Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Plastic Vinyl Fabrication Tips

Strataglass Fabrication Guidelines and Tips

While we do claim to be experts in the field of press-polishing vinyl, we do not claim to be experts in the fabrication and installation of curtains. However, we certainly do pay attention to what is told to us by various experts.

Helpful Fabrication Tips

  • Lay out material that you will be using the night before you plan to work with it.It may be paper marked or have lines in it from the inner cardboard edge (the freight companies do not keep the product upright, and some marking can occur). You may also see the paper mark, like a road map, in the vinyl. This will come out with warmth or exposure to the sun. Concerning areas may be heated with a heat gun for instant clear-up. Hold heat gun 4-6 inches away from product and work in 12 inch areas at a time. After a few minutes, as the product reaches the temperature gradient, it will clear up completely. It has a memory, and that memory is the perfect flatness it had coming off the press plates.
  • Do not use “saran wrap” or cling wrap to protect the sheets. This causes “pooling” in the sheet as well as excessive dust cling from static created. Use craft paper or the tissue the product comes with.
  • Do not stack the curtains up without interleaving with paper or something to keep the glass from clinging to itself. The product has an excessive amount of static cling when it is new, which changes rapidly when on the boat, but it is very impressionable in the early days (this is true of any vinyl). Should distortions occur, use a heat gun to heat up the surface and return the product to its “memory”
  • If installing in cold weather, it is strongly recommended that you heat up the enclosure as you are installing, and stretch the product into position. Product installed tightly in the cold will not necessarily be so in warm weather.
  • If removing adhesives before installation, use 3-M Adhesive remover. If cleaning only general grime, Windex works fine. It is recommended that you treat the curtains with IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner prior to installation (DO NOT use Rain-X). This gets a lot of the static cling under control, and cleans the product nicely for presentation to the customer. For Customer maintenance, we are only recommending a bi-monthly waxing of the curtains with a clear coat safe wax. We recommend onlyIMAR Strataglass Polish, which is available in most good marine stores. (See Care & maintenance) And PLEASE make sure that your customers are given information on the care and maintenance of Strataglass.
  • To remove clouds or “pools” or sharp impressions (zipper marks, etc.) simply heat up the surface area, small sections at a time, with a heat gun or common hairdryer. (Maintenance Section)

Any time you would like to discuss a particular problem or concern, call us at (800)581-5801 or contact us via e-mail. We will gladly give you in-depth answers to your questions or concerns. We want you and your customers happy!

For training, please contact the following:
Mark & Debra Hood
Hood Marine Canvas (

Download the 2012 MFA Time Standards Manual here.



Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Vinyl Fabrication

What is your cutting table setup?

We have a snap-on cloth for our sewing table to help prevent scratches whether the glass is Strataglass or not. This also helps the glass slide easier while sewing it. The cloth is a poly/cotton material. We have the edges reinforced and bound in order to hold the female snaps that snap to the table.

How do you store your Strataglass?

When we get the glass in it stays in the container until we are ready to cut and sew it.

How do you setup a project?

The glass is laid out flat on the cutting table with the sheets of paper left in between the sheets of glass.
Each window is cut and sewn to completion and transferred with the paper under it to another table. The completed windows are stacked with the paper between them.

How do your transport a completed job to the work site?

Transporting the completed windows to the boat has the paper left between each window. The windows are stacked with the paper between them to the truck and in turn to the boat. The paper is not pulled out until they are ready to hang on the boat.

What kind of thread, needles, stitching do you suggest?

We use Tenara or a PTFE thread to sew with. We normally sew about 6 stitches per inch. Other shops may sew less per inch. We use MR needles rather than standard needles because we use Tenara. The size of the needle will be an MR5 or MR5 (equivalent to an 18 or 20 respectively). The needle size many times depends on the machine and the sewer.


Strataglass Care & Maintenance

Strataglass - The clear-choice alternative solution to vinyl

Residential Plastic Sheeting

It is extremely important fabricators and vessel & car owners read and understand this information. We request fabricators provide owners a copy of this sheet.

  • We recommend using only IMAR Products. IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish, IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner, and mild soap (preferably) IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate) on Strataglass. (We no longer recommend the use of any other products, regardless of the manufacturer’s claims.) Use of harsh cleaners like “Simple Green and Orpine” will dull the curtains quickly. Using any other product(s) void the factory warranty.
  • NEVER use a wash-and-wax product on Strataglass.
  • WARNING – Use of Rain-X, Pledge, or Plexus on Strataglass appears to work for a short time but then dulls the surface and presents an “Orange Peel” effect. Do not use any of these products.
  • Use of cleaners, polishes, scratch removers, or any other product made for regular, uncoated vinyl will damage STRATAGLASS. Do not use these products.
  • DO NOT HANDLE STRATAGLASS (OR ANY VINYL) WITH SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS! This will permanently cloud the vinyl where handled.


When New: 3M Adhesive Remover may be used to remove glue left from fabrication. Final clean with IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner. We recommend using IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish as the final step in installation to provide a base of protection and good watershed.

For the customer: We recommend using IMAR Strataglass protective Polish every 1 to 2 months. In the interim, use IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner frequently.

Note: All new vinyl can easily get impressions in itself. We recommend new enclosures be left in place to the extent possible. If completely removed, enclosures must be interleaved with either acid-free paper (available from framing shops) or old sheets (the best choice) to prevent “pooling” in the glass, vinyl “seasons” over time and becomes less impressionable. Roll all curtains down and fasten in place nightly to keep perfect appearance. (Review at

Cleaning: Flush thoroughly to cool the surface and rinse away environmental abrasives. Wash with IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate, or other equally gentle and high quality soap. Do not use Simple Green, Orpine or any other harsh cleaner – no detergents – they will dull the surface. Apply the soapy water to the clear vinyl section of the curtain with special purpose washing mitt or soft cotton cloths. Thoroughly rinse the soapy solution with fresh water and completely dry the curtains with a high quality chamois. ( makes several tools to make these tasks easier.) Your clear vinyl curtains should be washed whenever your boat is washed. After washing the curtains, apply IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish sparingly with small, light circular motions using a soft cotton cloth. Allow the polish to dry and then remove with a clean soft cotton cloth. Finally, lightly buff to a sparkling shine. Done. For routine maintenance between polishing, use IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner. Insure the clear vinyl panels are free of abrasives. Very lightly mist a soft cotton cloth. Lightly and briskly rub a manageable sized area and then lightly buff dry with another clean cloth. Done. We recommend using IMAR Strataglass Cleaner at least weekly but it’s so fast and easy you may want to do it daily. You’ll love the shine.

Restoring: We once recommended a restoration process but extensive experience shows actual damage cannot truly be repaired. If IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish cannot restore the clarity and shine, it may be time to consider replacing the enclosures. Please… Please…use our recommended procedures and products from the beginning.

Trouble Shooting: Please see our “tips for the fabricator” and our “trouble shooting” sections on our web site for a complete discussion.